Flying Cathay Pacific, but not to Hong Kong…

Continuing my quest to fly “Fifth Freedom Routes”, I flew Cathay Pacific to get me down to Singapore from Bangkok, despite visiting Hong Kong a few days earlier, I did not fly Cathay at the time and flew Sri Lankan Airlines, which was a great experience. I needed to fly back to Singapore to catch my Malaysia Airlines flight.

The flight was operated by a new Airbus A350-900 (Reg. B-LRA),  a type I flew with Cathay’s OneWorld partner Finnair from London to Helsinki.  I had high expectations from this flight, which I again took in Business Class in aide of maintaining my British Airways status.

Having boarded, I discovered the seat is identical to those of Finnair on the A350, however, the colour scheme is inline with the Cathay branding. I was in solo seat 18A facing the window.

The seat was very comfortable, providing privacy, space and a direct view out the window, as when you have a window seat, you want to look out the window.

Following take off, I quickly discovered Cathay Pacific staff fully recognised my BA OneWorld Emerald status and two senior cabin crew came to introduce themselves. Very impressed, as this rarely happens on BA these days. I was even addressed by my surname. (Which is a challenge for most people to pronounce).

The food menu looked nice and I selected the prawns.

Thanks to my status, my food was served before other passengers too, I am liking Cathay Pacific!

Overall the flight was uneventfull. There was onboard Wi-Fi, but this was not free, unlike with Finnair. As the flight was relatively short, I did not bother.

Cathay is a great airline and I was impressed with the seat, the service and the food.




Whilst suffering from Jetlag, a quick review of Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Spacious Cabin Aboard 9M-MNA

Our flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur was totally acceptable for the amount paid in Business, especially considering it was pretty last minute and BA and Singapore Airlines were charing 3 to 4 times as much for a non stop flight.

The cabin aboard the top deck of the A380 was very spacious, but considering that our plane was only 5 years old, the seats were dated and not as good as BA’s 10 + year old Club World cabin.  No surprise the overall condition was poor as MAS is planning to start replacing these to large A380 in the coming years with smaller A350.

Our A380, as seen from the inter terminal tram

Not repeated on what I previously mentioned on the seat, the service was overall okay. There seemed to be a very high ratio of crew vs passengers and service was pretty swift.  The food was nice, especially if you enjoy Malaysia / Indo cuisine, as I do, having grown up in a household with lots of Indonesian Cuisine due to the historic links between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

In Kuala Lumpur, we had a fairly easy connection on to one of MAS’ regional B737-800’s 9M-MXT to be exact.  We were seated in the business class section, which was very similar to US First Class cabin.  On the flight we got our second helping of Chicken Sate, with a nice peanut sauce.  Very impressed the crew managed to serve 16 passengers on a 40 minute flight.

The Verdict on MAS, Good Food and drink selection, okay service from the crew, but dated hard product, the seats need desperately to be updated and fixed, as was the case with my inflight entertainment handset.

IFE Handset held together with tape